Basel Al-Sabah: It Is Not Prohibited To Travel For Those Who Have Not Received The Vaccine At The Moment
Category: Coronavirus
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Arabic local newspaper Alrai reported that the Minister of Health, Sheikh Dr. Basil Al-Sabah, revealed that at the present time there is no intention of the ministry to issue recommendations to prevent travel or prevent the completion of transactions for those who refuse to vaccinate (Covid-19).

In response to a parliamentary question by Representative Hamad Al-Matar, whether the ministry intends to issue recommendations regarding who refuses vaccination, for example but not limited to (travel bans, prevented from completing transactions), the minister clarified that «at the present time there is no intention of the ministry to issue Such recommendations, except that decisions may be issued by some countries prohibiting travel to them or issuing visas to them except on the condition of vaccination, and thus things may change later according to the requirements of matters and according to the epidemiological conditions of each country



08 Apr, 2021 1681
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