Banks CCTV Cameras Set To Be Connected To Interior Ministry
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The Ministry of Interior has reached an agreement with the banks to regulate, install and link their cameras and security surveillance devices with the ministry headquarters, reports Al-Rai daily.

Sources familiar with the issue said this is a first phase to be followed by subsequent phases during which the process of monitoring the activity of the banks will be expanded to all branches of the banks to protect the banks and the customers.

The sources pointed out at the moment there is coordination between the General Department of Central Operations and banks representatives on the work mechanism and installation of the CCTV cameras at certain points will be agreed during each phase. However, the sources explained the installation of cameras, security monitoring devices and operation throughout the day falls within the responsibility of banks.

The sources pointed out through the central control room the Ministry of Interior will be able to monitor the branches of the main banks and intervene if necessary. This is in addition to reviewing videos in the case of scrutiny and investigation.

The sources indicate the control room will enable the ministry to identify what appropriate reaction can be taken in any given situation through observation, and through a scheduled system that defines the procedures required during working hours and holidays.

The ministry will also be able to receive information directly from the devices and will therefore have sufficient information about the facility’s exposure to any fire or other operations supported by direct video images of any communications in order to determine the appropriate response to what is happening.



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