Bangladeshi Arrested In Trafficking Drugs

14 September 2018 Crime News

Personnel from the General Department for Drugs Control have handed over a Bangladeshi to the concerned authority after he was arrested in Farwaniya for trafficking in drugs, reports Al- Anba daily He was caught in possession of 25 sachets of heroin 10 sachets of shabu. The drugs and the vehicle have been confiscated. According to the source, the Asian expatriate was caught in the Farwaniya area, where drugs were found inside his car.

A hospital source said the police were called in immediately after the attack on the staff at the center. It has been reported the patient was suffering from several diseases, including renal failure and high blood pressure. The operation was performed to replace the renal dialysis catheter in the left neck vein and the operation was performed under the influence of local anesthetic and under the supervision of anesthesiologists. However, after the operation the patient suffered from sudden cardiac arrest.

The patient was immediately rushed to the intensive care unit and after ten minutes the pulse returned and this was followed by another cardiac arrest and the patient died in spite of all attempts to revive him again. It is likely the behavior of the relative was primarily due to the grief after learning about the death of his relative.



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