Ban On Import Of Meat From Virus Hit Botswana
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Assistant Undersecretary for Control and Consumer Protection has issued administrative decision no. 2093/2019 banning all kinds of ruminant meat and its derivatives from Botswana, including fresh, refrigerated, frozen and manufactured meat, due to an outbreak of Anthrax in the country, reports Al-Anba daily.

Again, the assistant undersecretary for control and consumer protection issued decision no.2094/2019 lifting ban on all kinds of meat products from ruminants from Italy- whether fresh, refrigerated, frozen and manufactured meat, while decision no.2097/ 2019 allows import of all kinds of livestock from Morocco.

Meanwhile, the assistant undersecretary issued decision no.2098/2019 lifting ban on the import of live bird species and other living animals from Belgium- except camels and ruminants.

He said Article 2 of the decision states that all shipments are subject to relevant regulations of the Veterinary Affairs Department at Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources, while Article 3 stipulates that all differing decisions will be cancelled to enforce the new decision after publishing it in the Official Gazette.



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