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According to Al-Rai daily, on Tuesday the CSC issued Circular No. (4) of 2022, which the Council of Ministers ordered to return government institutions to a regular 7-hour working system beginning on March 13; in other words, to pre-Covid times. Throughout the regulatory period, meetings, conferences, and internal courses will be rescheduled starting on Feb 20, with all government institutions having to follow the Council of Ministers decision.

In the new circular, the CSC cancels the CSC Circular No. (2), which discussed reducing employee levels within government institutions, implementing flexible systems, curtailing working hours, and holding meetings and conferences remotely. As a result, all cases of exemption from work have also been annulled, and an employee's absence from work is limited to the authorized leave times, as well as requesting the cancellation of flexible working schedules and the rotation system and returning to work one hundred percent and in full time.

As part of the circular, fingerprints must be returned and attendees must attend meetings, conferences, and internal courses in person. In another development, Dr. Khaled Al-Saeed sent a letter of thanks to the ministry's employees, noting, "By God's grace and with your help, we achieved our goals that resulted in an improvement in the epidemic situation, thus easing the precautionary measures."





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