Assaults And Humiliation On Security Men On Duty Continue In Kuwait
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The series of assaults and humiliation on security men on duty continue unabated and the latest incident was reported by two officers who in downtown Kuwait City ordered two men driving along a road to pull over and show their IDs, reports Al-Rai daily.

The daily added, the man behind the wheel obliged to the police request but the man in the passenger seat who apparently did not carry any ID, not only refused, but screamed in the face of the official at the top of his voice and also threatened the officer saying I will remove your police insignia from your shoulders.

The two officers, seeing the ferocity of the man, had no option because he refused to step out of the car, but to call for support. The man was then forced out of the car and taken to the police station and detained pending investigation.



27 Aug, 2019 0 155
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