As Crackdown Begins In Jleeb, Bachelors Shifted To Block 12 In Salmiya
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As Kuwait Municipality tightened its noose around bachelors residing in family residential areas in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh to take legal action against them a large number of Bachelors (mostly Asian nationals) shifted to Block 12 in Salmiya to disturb families living in Salmiya reports AlRai.

There have been number of complaints from block 12 in Salmiya who are having families and families are suffering. The situation is growing worse with influx of bachelors flowing in from Jleeb to Salmiya which has been spoiling harmony and destroying modesty.

Meanwhile Kuwait Municipality employees in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh were posting warnings on the walls of the violating properties, giving the owners a week before the power cut, a few residents of the violated properties chose to shift to Block 12 in the Salmiya area to make problems peaceful families.

People have been complaining that cases of theft and attempts to infringe on the homes of families began to increase, making the atmosphere unsafe with presence of bachelors in apartments adjacent to them, many of them are truck drivers and have occupied space and parked their commercial vehicles in residential areas.

The bachelors have been moving around with indecent clothing and staying in rooms over the limit.



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