Army Conducted Live-fire Exercises Test Readiness
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Presidency of the General Staff of Kuwait Army announced Wednesday that some military units are put in a state of combat readiness as a precaution against the current conditions in region.

The measure aims to protect the safety and security of the country’s land, air and territorial waters against any potential threats in coordination with the State’s military and security services, according to a press release from the Presidency of the General Staff.

The Army conducted air and naval exercises with live ammunition between 1:30 pm and 5:00 pm Wednesday to ensure the maximum level of combat preparedness, the statement said.

The Presidency of the General Staff urged the citizens to be cautious against unverified reports in this regard that could be circulated by sources other than the competent state sources namely the directorate of the moral guidance and public relations.

Kuwait’s oil sector is on high alert and has raised its security to the highest level as a precautionary measure in the wake of the weekend attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities, a Kuwaiti oil official said on Wednesday. Kuwait has said it stands behind Saudi Arabia, condemning attacks last Saturday that struck the world’s biggest crude oil processing facility.

Kuwait’s armed forces said in a statement they had conducted air and naval drills on Wednesday as a measure to increase “combat readiness,” a day after putting forces on high alert.

Citing a circular, Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Anbaa reported that the country’s oil sector was putting in place “all associated precautions” in line with the highest threat level. The United States and Saudi Arabia have blamed the attack on Iran, which has denied responsibility.

Saudi Arabia on Wednesday showed drone and missile debris it said amounted to undeniable evidence of Iranian aggression. After the drone incident which violated Kuwait’s airspace and was spotted hovering over Dar Salwa, the Ministry of Interior has put in place security measures to counter what it called “the threat to national security,” reports Al-Qabas daily.

The daily quoting security sources said persons caught using this type of aircraft for the purpose of photography or otherwise will be accused of committing a crime against the security of the State.

The same source told the daily, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) has taken a decision to assign the job of following-up intruding machines such as the drones to the State Security which will do everything within its capacity as the monitoring and investigating body and referring the issue to the Public Prosecution after completion of the investigations.

The source added the State Security Apparatus has now acquired the modern technology to pursue, identify and locate this type of aircraft, which are specifically called ‘the Phantom’ and ‘drone’. The daily added, the State Security will use the Bluetooth technology to locate and arrest the suspects.

The source pointed out the decision to assign this task is given to the State Security because of the sensitivity of this type of aircraft and the volatile security situation in the region which requires special precautionary measures.

The source pointed out the Ministry of Interior has issued new instructions to the General Administration of Customs, the Directorate- General of Civil Aviation and the Ministry of Commerce stressing the need not to be lenient with persons who indulge in such activity.

The Interior Ministry has specifically requested the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to prevent the import of such equipment and the Customs Department to be vigilant because on many occasions only the parts of such aircraft are imported and then assembled inside the country.



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