Are All Visa 18s Transferable Or Releasable?
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Good day! I want to ask if, all Visa 18s transferable or releasable? Also how will I know which type of Visa 18 I am holding? Someone told me that there’s types of Visa 18. When I checked my residence Online (MoI Kuwait) it says I am working in the private sector. By the way my first contract is about to end so I am planning to renew it and will ask my employer in the future to release me? Thank you in advance, hope you could help me.

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Answer: Yes, it is true there are different types of Visa 18s which are all transferrable but it must be pointed out that while some of them can be transferred across board others can only be transferred within the category under which they were issued. For example a Visa 18 issued under the factory visa category can only be transferred within the same factory category and not outside. Your Mandoub should be in position to tell you the types of Visa 18 that you are holding.



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