Approximately 81,000 Residents Left The Labor Market In A Year
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Local Arabic newspaper Alqabas reported that After the Minister of Social Affairs and Minister of State for Economic Affairs reviewed, during the last cabinet meeting, a report on the latest developments related to the labor market during the past period, and in light of the measures taken to confront the Covid-19 pandemic, statistics showed a decrease in the number of residents in the labor market during the period from From June 2019 to the same month of this year, against a slight increase in the number of citizens, which amounted to 7908 Kuwaitis, in light of the continued closure of visas for new workers.

According to the statistics of the Public Authority for Manpower, which obtained a copy, approximately 81 thousand residents left the labor market, including 37 thousand domestic workers, while statistics for non-domestic workers show that more than 43 thousand residents of only 8 nationalities left the market During this period, the Bengali community increased by nearly two thousand workers, as well as the Jordanian community by more than 510 workers.

The Outcasts

The biggest decline in the labor market was the share of the Indian community by more than 28,000, followed by the Egyptian community, from which more than 5,000 left, and then the Nepalese, with a drop of nearly 3,000, then the Filipinos, then the Pakistanis, after them the Iranians and finally the Syrians.

With regard to the domestic labor sector, the sector witnessed in the same period a decline of more than 37,000 workers, 35% of whom were of Indian nationality, and about 11,000 Bengali, 5,000 Sri Lankan and nearly the same number left the Ethiopian community, as well as from the Nepalese community, and two thousand from the coast. Ivory and a thousand Filipinos and the same from Madagascar.

The Pakistanis came out of the list of the top 10 nationalities that have employment in the family sector, “domestic workers”, and Benin entered their place with 2,281 domestic workers, while the total employment in homes reached 724 thousand and 432 residents.

Distribution of the numbers of departures

– 28,244 Indians

5088 Egyptians

– 2,640 Nepalese

2588 – Filipinos

2271 Pakistanis

474 Iranians

418 Syria

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