Annual Leave EOSB Calculation Plus Air Ticket Included In Indemnity
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I am a regular reader of Arab Times, specially the Legal Clinic and I truly appreciate for the service. In past you have answered my query and I am truly thankful for that. One of my friends worked in a WLL company for five years. Company terminated him. His salary was 1,000 and he has yearly Air ticket (with wife and 2 children) and he received year bonus. My question, does his annual leave (95 Balance Days) and EOSB calculation includes his salary plus yearly air ticket plus bonus?

Name withheld

Answer: Indemnity, according to the Kuwait Labour Law, must be calculated by using the interest remineration which includes the basic salary plus all the allowances given at regular intervals. The latest bonus and air tickets are also included i the remineration.

To do this you must first divide the total amount by bonus by 12 (number of months in a year) and adding it to your monthly salary.

The same must be done to the total amount of tickets. So all these in addition to the balance of annual leave will be added to your friends salary to arrive at the remuneration. We are however unable to calculate your indemnity because you failed to tell us the amount of the latest bonus



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