Ambitious Plan To Vaccinate Two Million By September - MOH
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Minister of Health, Dr. Basel Al-Sabah said that life in Kuwait will slowly begin to return to normal in the coming months and that the ministry has an aggressive plan to vaccinate around one million people by the end of Ramadan and to reach the target of two million people in the country by September.

The minister also said that he expects students to be able to return to schools at the beginning of the new school year in September, after the vaccination of all teaching staff. He  added that people working in cooperative societies, barbershops, salons, and banks will also be vaccinated soon.

The health minister once again urged all citizens and residents in the country to get vaccinated at the earliest opportunity to protect their health and life from coronavirus.

Dr. Basel Al-Sabah also warned that measures may be introduced after the month of Ramadan against those who have not registered or taken the vaccine, including preventing them from entering cinemas and closing down the shops that have workers who are not vaccinated.

The government is also said to be considering GPS tracking of those who have permits to move around during curfew hours. This follows reports of misuse of permits by some people who have permission to work during curfew hours.



20 Mar, 2021 627
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