Al-Sabahiya Suffers As Govt Turns Blind Eye To Development
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The Sabahiya area is one of the oldest urban areas in Kuwait, and one of the highest in population density, and despite the urban expansion that the country is witnessing, many of these old areas, including Sabahiya, have not been taken into consideration for development of the services, instead much attention is paid to new facilities, without modernizing and developing old urban areas, reports Al-Rai daily. The Al-Rai daily shed light on many of the problems facing the people of Al-Sabahiya. The Kuwaitis living in these areas suffer much because the state authorities have turned a blind eye on these areas since they have failed to punish the violators of the law.

One of the most prominent problems the area is facing is the spread of the phenomenon of the socalled ‘bachelors’ because some weak-minded citizens take advantage of laxity of the law to rent out part of their homes (outhouses or upper floors) to these bachelors which has become a popular business to make a fast buck for some.

This phenomenon is dealt with by the official authorities on a timid basis, and based on neighbors’ complaints, but without a radical solution. With the spread of bachelors’ housing in Sabahiya, the phenomenon of menial labor and violators of the residence law has flourished. These bachelors can be seen on main streets and at roundabouts in early mornings and afternoon hours, looking for work. To add insult to injury they use the parking lots of schools and public squares to park their vehicles.


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04 Oct, 2020 607
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