Allow Entry To Non-Kuwaitis From The 31 Banned Countries Who Are Related To A Kuwaiti
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The General Administration of Civil Aviation issued a circular to airlines operating at Kuwait International Airport allowing non-Kuwaiti passengers who have a relationship with a first-class Kuwaiti coming from the 31 countries prohibited from entering the country.

The director of the administration M. said. Yusef Al-Fawzan that, in addition to Circular No. 88/2020, issued on “02/08/2020” regarding the list of prohibited countries, non-Kuwaiti passengers who have a relationship with a Kuwaiti of first degree «father - mother - - are allowed to travel to the State of Kuwait from the prohibited countries. A husband - wife - children »after proving the relationship of kinship, as well as the domestic workers accompanying the sponsor, subject to the validity of the residency, and in the case of the death of the sponsor outside the country, the domestic worker is allowed to enter Kuwait and the conditions mentioned in Circular No." 2020/90 "issued on" 2020 / 08/04


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