Mandatory Custom E-form for arrivals and departures
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According to Suleiman Al-Fahad, Director-General of the General Administration of Customs, electronic disclosure is one of the supporting pillars to facilitate travellers' procedures and is activated automatically in accordance with Law No. "106" of 2013, regarding money laundering and terrorist financing and its executive regulations, which is available electronically with ease and convenience for travellers, so that disclosure is accomplished electronically and without paper.

He went on to say that the administration has developed all instructions in all electronic channels as well as field sites via indicative panels to facilitate compliance and commitment from all travellers, and he urged all travellers to and from Kuwait to adhere to and abide by the customs procedures in place to ensure a smooth crossing of the customs line and a safe travel trip. He went on to say that anybody entering or departing the nation through Kuwait's several ports must declare to customs officials what he has in his hands in terms of currencies or negotiable financial instruments worth more than 3,000 dinars or its equivalent in any foreign currency.

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