Al-Babtain Affirmed There Are Security Gaps At Slipways And Marinas
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In a bid to tighten internal security, MP Abdulwahab Al- Babtain submitted a proposal to establish a technical and control office at every slipway, dock and port in the country.

The MP proposed that the office should house supervisors from the Coast Guard, Environmental Police, Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR), and Medical Emergency Response Department at the Ministry of Health.

Al-Babtain affirmed there are security gaps at slipways and marinas throughout the country which ill-intentioned individuals and infiltrators are taking advantage of; hence, the need for such an office.

On the other hand, MP Mohammed Al-Dallaal submitted a proposal for the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to create the position ‘airport guide’ and hire multi-lingual individuals for this post to serve as chaperones for transit passengers and tourists arriving in the country, providing them with needed information while they are at the airport.

He explained that in accordance with the development plan of the State and partners from the private sector, and considering Kuwait International Airport is the façade of the country; it is necessary to offer the best possible reception for those entering Kuwait and establish a good image through practical directives similar to what is being done in other countries.



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