Accountants Exempted From Salary And Residence Conditions For Driving License
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Just wanted to get a clarification. I passed my driving test in May 2015 and was directed to Farwaniya Traffic Department for collection of license. I went there and got the necessary signatures and again they directed me to Capital Traffic Department to get some signatures but at this Traffic Department the officials rejected my application and refused to sign the license stating that a KD 600 salary is required for a license. At that time my salary was KD 525 with designation of accountant.

Two days back, in the Legal Clinic, I read about a person who got license issued — in 2015 — with salary less than KD 600 by applying for No Objection Certificate (NOC). As per my understanding based, on the news articles displayed in many newspapers, it was stated accountants are only exempted only from the residency period criteria.

Can the traffic department issue me a license … my current salary is KD 572 with the designation of accountant. If yes, do I need to reapply for a learning license and again go for the test, or will they accept my earlier documents which show I had passed driving test in 2015.

Name withheld

Answer: Accountants are exempted from both the salary and residence conditions but the Traffic Departments have the right to reject applications even if you meet all the requirements. You were sent to the Capital Traffic Department to get the No Objection Certificate (NOC) but for some reason your application was rejected. You should try your “luck” again.



08 Aug, 2016 9530
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