A True Leader Who Will Forever Be Remembered In Our Hearts
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On 29 September 2020, the people of Kuwait learned of the death of their beloved Amir, H.H. Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. Not only was the impact of his passing felt in the State of Kuwait, but also the world over, as the late Amir was a revered and respected statesman, humanitarian, and advocate for peace.

The late Amir, also known as the “Dean of Diplomacy” was able to position Kuwait in the eyes of the international community as a peacemaker, and a leader of a country that was focused on mutual co-operation and respect. Much of his success in making Kuwait a leader in this arena can be attributed to his 40 year tenure as Kuwait’s Foreign Minister, a post he held prior to his succession to Amir in 2006. His desire for diplomacy was evidenced in his role as a mediator in recent GCC disputes.

The Late Amir was adamant in his belief of togetherness and co-operation amongst the six GCC countries, and stressed the importance of unity between the GCC to maintain global peace and security. This can also be demonstrated by the 2018 summit held in Kuwait to help rebuild and restructure Iraq, which resulted in billions of dollars of funding for Kuwait’s neighbouring country. The Amir was also a key supporter in the recognition and support for Palestine wishing to see an end to the ongoing conflict.

Not only was the late Amir concerned with bridging and growing relations amongst the Gulf states, but it is clear that his humanitarian efforts had a worldwide impact as evidenced by the mourning seen in all corners of the globe. His Highness was a generous supporter of disaster relief and was constantly ensuring that donations, whether they be in the form of money or supplies, were sent to those in need which, in turn, has saved tens of thousands of lives worldwide. The honours and awards granted to the late Amir are far from few, including the very recent Legion of Merit which was presented by U.S. President Donald Trump in recognition of his steadfast partnership with the United States. His Highness was honoured and his achievements were also recognised on numerous occasions by the United Nations, and in 2014, he was honoured by the United Nations as a “Humanitarian Leader,” for his generous efforts in supporting humanity worldwide.




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