A Sever Legal Action To Be Taken Against Fake Certificate Holders
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Several activists in the legal and academic sectors insisted that legal procedures should be taken against holders of fake bachelor, master and doctorate degree certificates obtained from overseas universities, reports Al- Seyassah daily.

They indicated that some institutions in Arab countries sell academic certificates to interested clients while some people falsify stamps of certain recognized institutions in order to use their degrees for obtaining supervisory and political positions. Attorney Hamdan Al-Nimshan affirmed that many people obtained bogus or fake degrees from Arab and foreign universities, insisting that Ministry of Higher Education should implement mechanisms and regulations to deal with the evaluation of bachelor, master and doctorate degrees. He explained that the ministry used to grant temporary approval of certificates until the ministry carried out proper evaluation and investigated the institutions that issued them.

However, things have changed now because the ministry usually finds out about those institutions before evaluating the certificates, which in turn has become an obstacle for people who buy certificates. Attorney Al-Nimshan stressed that purchasing certificates is a criminal offence that attracts a minimum punishment of three years jail term.

Meanwhile, Professor of Psychology at Kuwait University Dr Khider Al-Baroun revealed that some people operate psychiatric clinics in the country without obtaining certificates that qualify them for the practice. He explained that some of them only attend training courses on human development after which they start practicing. Some people falsify doctorate degrees or obtain them from unrecognized universities only because they want the appellation of a PhD holder. Dr Al-Baroun stressed that some people are suffering from psychological problems or inferiority complex due to which they only want to use those means to hide their shortcomings because they lack self-confidence.

In addition, a US-trained PhD holder Dr Hamad Al- Nourani believed that the country is not doing badly in training citizens due to which there is no reason for falsifying degrees. He indicated that it is easy for interested individuals to obtain false certificates, revealing that he was shocked to read in the United States that Kuwait is the second among the GCC countries whose citizens obtain certificates from unrecognized universities or falsify degrees. Dr Al-Nourani wondered how those people manage to occupy high positions in the country when there are numerous others with genuine doctorate degrees. He concluded by saying, “Some people pay ridiculously low amount of around KD 500 to obtain PhD certificates from some Arab countries.”


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