MoSA receives requests from cooperatives for 'Ramadan Basket'
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The Ministry of Social Affairs has begun receiving requests from cooperative societies regarding the Ramadan basket, which cooperatives provide to shareholders at symbolic prices each year, as the service is one of the types of marketing festivals provided in accordance with governing regulations.

Nawaf Al-Duwaisan, the Director of the Ministry of Social Affairs' Cooperative Monitoring and Inspection Department, said during a television interview that the ministry has prepared well for this year's Ramadan festival by issuing a circular through the union last December requiring requests to be submitted at least one month before Ramadan. He went on to say that the requests are then forwarded to the ministry, which details the products that would be included in each basket.

He stated that the ministry analyzes if the basket satisfies the shareholders as well as its projected worth, since there must be a symbolic amount paid by the contributor, even if it is half a dinar or a quarter of a dinar or less, and that the matter is given "full attention."

Concerning the reasons for price discrepancies between some co-ops, Al-Duwaisan explained that financial price control is the responsibility of the Ministry of Commerce, not the Ministry of Social Affairs, and that the Association of Cooperative Societies is concerned with price unification and selling foodstuffs at specific prices.

08 Feb, 2022 168
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