A New Deportation Order Has Been Issued
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Sheikh Talal Khalid Al-Ahmad, Deputy Prime Minister and acting Minister of Interior and Defense, has been urged to deport Iranian Shiite scholar Ahmed Al-Sherazi for offending the Companions of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). He affirmed his support for the minister's pro-reform decisions, but the latter has not responded, and if this continues he will use his constitutional tools.

Further, several MPs applauded the decision taken by the minister to raise the age requirement for admission to Ali Al-Sabah Military College and Saad Al-Abdullah Academy for Security Sciences to 30 years regardless of the date of obtaining the secondary stage certificate. It also opened doors for highly qualified graduates (of all specializations) and university graduates to apply for admission to military institutes. A meeting of the parliamentary Health Affairs Committee is scheduled for Monday where it will discuss whether Celiac disease - an autoimmune disorder that affects the gastrointestinal tract - should be added to the list of chronic diseases. Among the proposals is the establishment of a Celiac disease research center.

Representatives from the concerned authorities will also meet with the committee to discuss the government's enforcement of Law No. 70/2020 about regulating medical jobs. In his remarks, MP Muhammad Al-Hewaila asserted that such decisions would encourage Kuwaiti youth to join the military. According to MP Ahmed Mutei Al-Azmi, the decision demonstrates the minister's commitment to public interest. As for the minimum height requirement, it has been increased from 165 cm to 165 years old, which he praised.

In his letter to the minister, Abdullah Al-Turaiji urged him to reaffirm his commitment to reform by canceling conscription because it has proven to be ineffective. Conscription budgets should be used to create more jobs for youth, he said. 

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