A Filipina Household Service Worker Presumed Dead Found Recuperating In Hospital ICU
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A Filipina household service worker (HSW) who fell off the fourth floor of a building in Jabriya and reportedly had died earlier on Facebook turned out to have survived from the fall and is now recovering in the ICU at the Mubarak Al Kabeer Hospital.

Melirose Balagosa, 25, a single mother and a native of Iloilo City in the Philippines whose case had gone viral on Facebook after her relatives claimed that she was allegedly pushed by her employer and fell off the building on Oct 6, eliciting anger and frustration from the netizens. “I was passing by the building when I saw her.

There was a satellite wire and a mop handle beside her. I really wanted to help but you know here in Kuwait, we can’t do that. It has to be the police. I was so afraid. I pitied her. She’s full of blood. Her jaw was bleeding up to the ears. There was so much blood oozing. She was moaning for help,” recounted Amina to the Arab Times.

She added that Balagosa tried to give to her, her mobile phone but an old man came along, prompting her to call the ‘harris’ or the building watchman. Then police and the ambulance arrived on the scene and Balagosa was rushed to the hospital.

While in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), the cousin of Balagosa, Leona Agpalo together with Philippine Embassy Case Officer Ramon Nerida and the secretary of the agency that deployed Balagosa visited her. “I wanted to cry. I wanted to hug her but I tried to control myself coz were in the ICU. I’m so thankful that she’s alive. Thank God!” stated Agpalo. She added that Balagosa was responsive and tried to open her eyes while she was talking to her. “We were able to talk to her doctor and the doctor said that Melirose has a big chance of recovering though it will take time due to the fractures she suffered especially her mandible was badly damaged. They did a CT scan on her and no damage was found in her brain as well as her spinal column is okay. But her pelvis, knee and feet were fractured,” informed Agpalo. Balagosa underwent a mandible operation on Monday and is still confined in the ICU until she fully recovers. Her family and friends who believe that she was maltreated by her employer created a Facebook page ‘Justice for Melirose Balagosa,’ calling on all concerned authorities to look into her case.

“We hope that the embassy will continue to help her till she gets fully well. We hope that justice will be served and punish those who did that to her so this will not happen again to anyone. Melirose is not the type of person who would jump off the building to end her life. She’s the breadwinner of the family and she has a kid, so it’s too farfetched that she will commit suicide,” stressed Agpalo. Meanwhile, the Philippine Embassy vowed to monitor the case of Balagosa and work closely with Kuwaiti authorities in the investigation of the case.



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