A Bangladeshi With A Fake Indian Passport Coming From Kuwait Arrested At Bangalore Airport
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Bangladeshi with fake Indian passport coming from Kuwait arrested in Bangalore According to media report, immigration officials at KIA came across Rahman Lashkar, 30, holding an Indian passport on Tuesday morning. Suspecting the passport may be fake, the authorities asked him to wait while they verified its authenticity. He had arrived around 3am from Kuwait on Kuwait Airways flight. Later, Lashkar mingled with the crowd and escaped from the airport. However teh alerted police caught him from Bangalore.
The department confirmed the passport was fake. During interrogation, Lashkar admitted he used a fake passport to go to Kuwait, from where he was returning. 

In his statement, Lashkar said he had gone to Dubai on a Bangladeshi passport. While trying to get to Kuwait, he was told it would be easier for him to get a job in Kuwait if he was an Indian. With the help of some agents, he managed to get a fake Indian passport in Dubai, Lashkar claimed. 

After moving to Kuwait, Lashkar worked as a shepherd with an Arab but was fired when he contacted Hepatitis B. Although they tried to send him back, he escaped and found work with another Arab. He lived in Kuwait for about 14 months before he was caught and deported to India. 

He arrived in India on Tuesday morning where at KIA, it was discovered that his passport was fake. Based on his statements, police believe his plan was to escape to Bangladesh from West Bengal.



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