Kuwait Employer Arrested in torture of Pinay Maid
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The female Kuwaiti employer who allegedly tortured her Filipina household service worker for three years has been arrested and is now detained at the Umm Al Haiman Police Station, disclosed Philippine Embassy Legal Counsel, Atty Emad Arab. He informed Philippine Embassy officials about the arrest of Almira's (not her real name) employer as he vowed to pursue the case.

"Almira's female employer is now in jail and we have already filed a case against her earlier and we hope that hearing will be set soon. Inshaallah, she will face the court," said Arab.

Philippine Ambassador Renate Pedro Villa welcomed the news on the arrest of the suspect. "I'm very happy that fmally our efforts resulted in the arrest of the employer and a case has been filed for maltreating our compatriot Almira. As what Almira's lawyer has mentioned, we will press on with the case and monitor it continuously," stressed Villa. On her part, Almira considered the arrest of her female employer as her gift this Eid al-Fitr, "I'm very happy that she's been arrested. It's good that she's in jail now. I'm bent on pursuing the case till justice is served," she pointed out. Almira arrived in Kuwait on December 9, 2011.

She endured three years of physical abuse from her employer and mustered enough courage to escape only last June 20. She ran to the embassy for help. She is now staying at the Philippine Embassy shelter in Hateen and slowly recuperating from the wounds, bums and bruises on various parts of her body caused by flat iron, steel, tennis racket, pencil or any hard object that her female employer used to hit her.

"She's undergoing medical treatment and counseling from our team and from our Social Welfare Attache to aid her in overcoming the trauma so she can be healed from her wounds, mentally and physically," stated Villa.

Meanwhile, Arab will push for the maximum penalty for the suspect. "In Kuwait, like this case, it will take between six to 10 years in the jail, the jail sentence. Inshaallah, we will win this case because we have strong evidence," he reiterated. 


Source - Arab Times

21 Jul, 2015 0 16801
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