9 Year Old Kuwaiti Boy Tied Up , Locked And Tortured To Death By Parents
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An inquiry is underway to investigate the suspicious death of a 9-year-old Kuwaiti boy who was reportedly tied, locked up and tortured to death by his parents. The father took his son's body to the Jahraa Hospital claiming that he died of natural causes. However, the coroner conducted a post mortem and reported wounds and bruises, in addition to wet hands and clothes.

The medical examiner also concluded that the child had died just hours before he had been brought to the hospital. Faced with the compelling medical evidence, the parents confessed to tying up their son, beating him and locking him in his room for days as punishment for his hyperactivity.
The parents said that they punished their unruly son because he hurt his 6-year-old brother. They added that he refused to eat anything after his parents punished him by locking him up in his room. The mother claimed that she had untied him a few hours before his death and allowed him to sleep with his brothers.



18 Oct, 2016 3188
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