862 Firms Probed For Violation Of Law Concerning Private Sector Company
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The Director of Labor Inspection Department at the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) Mohammad Al- Ansari revealed 862 companies were referred to the judiciary and the general administration of investigations at the Ministry of Interior since the beginning of this year, reports Al-Jarida daily.

He pointed out the inspections on these companies showed that they violated the provisions of Law No. 6 of 2010, concerning work in the private sector.

Al-Ansari said that the inspection campaigns come within the framework of serious efforts to cleanse the labor market, confront the buyers of visas, and get rid of the fake companies that have flooded the market with marginal employment.

He said this is one of the major causes of the imbalance in the country’s demographics. Al-Ansari told the daily, “The results of the inspections conducted by the inspection department on these companies resulted in the transfer of 507 companies to the judiciary for committing various irregularities. These included what he said 12 violations of occupational safety, 88 labor law violations, 20 special permanent suspension of files in addition to 387 violations for violation the text of Article 10 of the Labor Code, which shows that the licenses to practice the activity of these companies are not listed in the titles, which confirms the lack of actual need to registered employment. He pointed out that in the case of companies referred to the General Department of Investigation in the Ministry of Interior, a total of 355 companies were found to have violated the law. The violations were as follows 45 for occupational safety, 152 labor law violation, 75 permanent file suspension, and 83 for violating article 10 of the Labor Law



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