84 Non-compliant Establishments Were Closed In October By The General Fire Department

02 November 2023 Crime News

According to the General Fire Department, 84 establishments were shut down due to failure to comply with safety and security regulations in October. The fire prevention sector meticulously documented 582 violations and granted licenses to 408 projects. This included the licensing of 373 new buildings and the issuance of 105 ownership transfer certificates and 165 clearance transactions.

Businesses were granted partial exemptions from specific fees in several instances, to facilitate compliance. The Fire Prevention Administration, in its efforts to underscore the importance of adherence to these regulations, emphasized the necessity of promptly renewing licenses.

In addition to fines of up to 20 dinars, the failure to renew licenses in a timely manner jeopardizes the safety and preservation of buildings, properties, and possessions.

By taking these actions, the General Fire Department ensures the highest standards of safety and security within establishments, thereby protecting lives and property.


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