8 Regions In Kuwait Record The Highest Temperatures In The World
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The global site eldorado weather, which specializes in monitoring temperatures, revealed a list of the highest temperatures recorded by the world during the last 24 hours, with 8 Kuwait regions among the list, Al Qabas reported.

According to the site, the Nuwaiseeb region recorded 53.2 degrees Celsius as the highest temperature in the world, followed by Jahra with 49.7 and Sulaibiya at 49.2 degrees Celsius.

Here is the list of 15 regions in the world that recorded the highest temperatures in the past 24 hours:

1- Nuwaiseeb (Kuwait) 53.2°C

2- Jahra (Kuwait) 49.7°C

3- Sulaibiya (Kuwait) 49.2 degrees Celsius

4- Amara (Iraq) 49°C

5- Mutreba (Kuwait) 49 degrees Celsius

6- Kuwait International Airport (Kuwait) 48.8°C

7- Abdali (Kuwait) 48.7 degrees Celsius

8- Basra Airport (Iraq) 48.6 degrees Celsius

9- FAO (Iraq) 48.6 degrees Celsius

10- Wafra (Kuwait) 48.5°C

11- Al-Sabriya (Kuwait) 48.5°C

12- Hassi Messaoud (Algeria) 48.3 degrees Celsius

13- Umidiyah (Iran) 48.2 °C

14- Badra (Iraq) 48 degrees Celsius

15- Ain Salah (Algeria) 48 degrees Celsius



24 Jun, 2021 5350
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