7 Advantages For Vaccinators
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After the decision taken by the Council of Ministers yesterday to prevent the travel of unvaccinated citizens, as of May 22, it became clear that many advantages will be enjoyed by people who received the vaccine in the next stage, whether in Kuwait or abroad, especially since many countries announced a number of These advantages, the most prominent of which are:

1- Restricting the provision of internal services in some commercial activities to those who received the two vaccinations.

2 – Canceling the examination on return from travel for the vaccinated and those who have recovered.

3 – Exemption from quarantine for vaccinators coming from low-risk countries.

4- Countries tend to approve the issuance and use of certificates that prove and allow their holders to attend public events, such as sports competitions and parties.

5 – Permission to pray in mosques for those who have been vaccinated.

6- Permitting travel for vaccinated people and issuing so-called green passports for vaccinated recipients.

7 – Ease restrictions on the entry of fully vaccinated tourist.



05 May, 2021 3082
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