60 Companies, Consulting Firms In Focus As Rain Damage Probe Begins
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The fact-finding committee assigned to investigate the recent rainfall crisis will begin work this week, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The daily added, about 60 companies and consulting firms are expected to face the music because of the defect in projects that were assigned to them. However, the sources said it all depends on the finding and reports submitted by the concerned parties, including the Maintenance and Engineering Department of the Ministry of Public Works, the Public Authority for Roads and the Public Authority for Housing Welfare.

The sources pointed out the committee has asked these agencies to submit technical reports on roads and infrastructure, the names of the companies that were assigned to carry out the works and accordingly these companies will be asked to appear before the Inquiry Commission.

Moreover, the sources revealed one of the former senior officials in one of the agencies has, without giving any reason, has refused to appear before the commission since he held a very vital position. In the context, the sources said that Minister of Public Works, Minister of State for Housing Affairs Jenan Bushahri met last Thursday with officials of the factfinding committee and affirmed full confidence in the work carried out by the ministry team The sources also explained that the minister has stressed on the importance of the completion of the committee’s work on time – January 31 – and submit the report to the Council of Ministers for necessary action.



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