6 Expatriates Can Own Real Estate Property In Kuwait
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Ministry of Justice has approved applications from six expatriates to own real estate property in Kuwait, as per the provision of Law 74/1979. A source said the five properties approved and registered at the Property Registration Department include two locations in Mishref that cover 750 and 1,000 square meters area respectively.

The third property located in Rawda area is 1,000 square meters and the fourth in Farwaniya is 500 square meters, while the fifth property in Masayel area extends 400 square meters. The source named the property owners as Elyas Naqoula Al-Hani from Lebanon, Zaher Fouad Al-Khateb from Jordan, and Al-Saedi brothers from Yemen-Talal and Sakinah, Egyptian Ibrahim Al-Seyyid Ismail, and Abdul-Amir Shehab from Yemen.

He revealed that the Minister of Justice, Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Yacoub Al-Sane’ signed the property ownership about 10 days ago, and Law Number 74/1979 stipulates that only Arab expatriates can own a maximum of one property in a residential area in Kuwait if a decree is issued in their favor. He also said the property ownership should conform to stipulated conditions; the applicant must be a permanent resident in Kuwait with income enough to purchase the property.

The applicant must not have breached trust throughout the period of stay or an ex-convict. He should dedicate the entire property for private residential purposes where he will reside with his family. He should not own any other property in Kuwait, and the property must not cover more than 1,000 square meters area. He should be the citizen of a country that deals with Kuwait based on the policy of reciprocity, and a Kuwaiti should not have any Share in the property.



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