5,000 Students Absence From Grade 12 Exams
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The reports on the high school exams revealed the absence of nearly 5,000 students during the four days of the exams held from Dec 29 for the 12th grade students of Science, Arts, and Religious Studies groups, reports Al-Qabas daily.

According to the reports, 432 students were absent for the Physics exam, 472 students were absent for French exam, 74 for Arabic Grammar, 689 for Philosophy, 639 for Mathematics, and 73 for the English exam allocated for Religious Studies group.

Also, 565 students of Arts group and 486 students of Science group were absent for the Arabic Language exam, and 73 students were absent for Logic exam for students of Religious Studies group.

For the exam on religious education, 753 students were absent from Science group, and 734 from Literary group. Also, 74 students of Religious Studies were absent for the interpretation exam.



09 Jan, 2020 275
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