50 Employees Worked Overtime To Deal With Pile Of Parcels
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Director of Postal Activity Department at the Ministry of Communications Sadeqah Khajah disclosed that the sector dealt with the pile up of parcels at the Sorting Center in Kuwait International Airport with an emergency team of 50 employees who worked overtime from all branches, reports Al-Jarida daily.

Khajah revealed that the Sorting Center receives a minimum of 700 bags, which sometimes reach 1,500 bags, on a daily basis. She explained that an average of 50 items are in a single bag adding up to around 75,000 items daily.

This means that the center receives about 7,000 bags per week, an equivalent of 28,000 bags per month. She affirmed that the department needs permanent staff at the Sorting Center rather than emergency staff drawn from all branches to avoid incessant pile of mails in future. She stressed that Kuwait has 86 post office branches and new branches will be opened in new cities soon. She urged owners of mails to collect them on time to avoid destruction after two months of non-collection.



11 Sep, 2019 230
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