50 Cooperative Societies Removed French Products From Their Markets
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According to alqabas In protest against the insulting graffiti of the Messenger, may blessings and peace be upon him, about 50 cooperative societies announced since Thursday, the removal of all French products from their markets and branches.

Social media platforms have witnessed calls to stop importing French goods and commodities into the country, and to lift them from the central commercial markets, while more than one hashtag was launched, including “But God’s Messenger” and “Boycott French products.” In the first reaction to the invitations of the pioneers of social media, the Federation of Cooperative Societies issued a circular to the heads of the societies, in which it indicated “that after discussing the display of the cartoons offensive to the Messenger in public fields in France, and the insult they represent to the Islamic nation and in faith in the cooperative role that is indivisible and does not accept division On our Islamic principles and from the standpoint of the societal responsibility of the heads and members of the boards of directors of associations, please boycott all French goods and products, and remove them from all central markets and branches of the associations

24 Oct, 2020 0 2346
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