5 Year Residence For Expats And 10 Years For Expat Businessmen
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A new residency law will be introduced that underlines that an expat can acquire a residency visa for up to 5 years and for an expat businessman with a valid project, it is for 10 years.

Among the provisions of the law, a Kuwaiti female citizen must obtain a residency permit for her expat husband and children, provided that none of them work for a governmental or non-governmental entity and under a clause that the Kuwaiti woman did not obtain citizenship through her marriage to a Kuwaiti.

In addition, the amount of time a domestic worker can reside outside the country is reduced to 4 months instead of 6 months. On the other hand, there is no decision as yet to halt the renewal of residency permits for Article 22 for parents including mother-in-law, which will continue until further notice. The Public Authority for Manpower is in the process of halting work permits for marginal workers and those over the age of 60.

The law goes into effect as soon as it is published in the official gazette.

12 Aug, 2020 0 8700
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