5 Reasons Why People Prefer To Use Pdf Files

24 August 2023 Information

The world has gone digital, and we rely on it to share and print documents. One of the formats most people prefer to share and print their documents is the Portable Document Format (PDF). Adobe developed the PDF format in the 1990s, and it was designed to ensure that the document is independent.

After a long time, PDF has become the standard to share documents. Compared to other file formats, PDF is easy to use, and you can alter the documents too. Read and learn more about the benefits of using a PDF format.

Preserves format

The primary reason PDF format is most used is because it preserves the document format. For instance, the arrangement may change upon printing when you use some format to save your documents. For example, if you export a file in Word format, the formatting depends on the program you're using on your computer. Meanwhile, PDF files don't change, no matter where you send them. The PDF file remains the same, and the format will not change. 

PDF is editable

Even though the file format of the PDF doesn't change when you share it, you can also edit it. In other words, you can make changes to your PDF files like any other format. 

For example, PDF allows you to change the font, add images, adjust layout, etc. The only way to keep your documents intact without the formatting changing is to use PDF. The final print from a PDF remains like the original, even after editing. The formatting of the document is not altered. 

PDF is secure

Another reason PDF is used often is because it is secure. For instance, when you are handling sensitive documents, you want some form of security. Do you know that you can lock your PDF files? You can create a password to protect the file from an unknown person. 

In other words, you can control who views or accesses the document. Therefore, with the security feature on the PDF, you can prevent people from modifying your document.

Ideal size

These days, people no longer want to share or download files that occupy a lot of memory on their devices. As a matter of fact, PDF files memory are often lower compared to other files. However, the PDF file size depends on the document's volume. 

Furthermore, if the PDF file has images, then the size of the PDF may increase. Nevertheless, no matter how many photos or the length of the file, PDF doesn't consume a lot of memory.


Using a PDF file is not as difficult as it may seem. You can learn how to edit a PDF file in less than 10 minutes. Moreover, you can convert your Word files to PDF without too much hassle. 

In addition, PDF is compatible with most mobile devices. You don't need any additional software to use a PDF file on your mobile device. Finally, for a secure file, convert PDF. You can use a PDF converter to change file format.

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