46,000 Expats Of Visit Visa Did Not Exit Kuwait – 176,000 Residence Violators Still In The Country
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 As the deadline set by the Ministry of the Interior for residency violators to settle their status or leave the country expires tomorrow, the turnout of illegal expatriates to take advantage of the deadline has been very weak and did not exceed 1 percent of the total violators. Less than 1,000 expats took advantage from this decision.
The number of residence violators were around 130,000 at the end of November which increased to 176,000 due to visit visa violators who have not taken initiative to correct their status nor leave the country.

The Ministry of the Interior intends to extend the deadline for violators, which expires tomorrow, for a month, due to shutting  of airports in past few days, and closure of the ports which have not allowed illegal expats to leave the country, reports Al Rai. Around 300,000 expats are holding valid residence and are outside Kuwait, whereas 150,000 residencies of expats have expired while they were outside as they were not renewed.



29 Dec, 2020 1057
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