4,000 People Convert To Islam
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Director of Electronic Da’awah Committee at Al-Najat Charity Society Abdullah Al-Dosari announced 4,000 people from over 97 countries around the world have converted to Islam through the dialogue of faith project, which is conducted in different languages.

Al-Anba Al-Dosari stated this is one of the projects of the committee that focuses on the definition Islam to introduce this religion to non-Muslims. The website, at the moment, is operating in five languages (English, Tagalog, Spanish, Swahili and Japanese). He stressed that the relationship with the committee does not end with the issue of the certificates, but rather it begins here with the call to strengthen the pillars of faith in the person’s heart and then teach the requirements of Islam according to the priorities of jurisprudence in non-Muslim societies.

He continued saying, “We have distinct accounts on social networks depending on the target language and country, and is a direct communication with non-Muslims. The goal, he said, is to introduce Islam as guidance. In conclusion, Al-Dosari called on the good-hearted people to support this project so that the committee can reach countries that are almost devoid of Muslims such as Korea and Japan. He said the committee can be reached on telephone numbers 1800082 and 97288044.



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