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Dear Sir/Madam, Kindly requesting you to clarify the below with information and advise. I am an Indian national, with work permit salary KD 500, in private sector. I would like to bring my motherin- law to Kuwait on visit visa, her age is 62, will I be able to take visit visa for 3 months? Also like to bring my infant son (born in Nov 1, 2017, aged 26 days) on visit visa, my question is can I transfer infant son visa to family visa once he arrives in Kuwait, is the law supporting this transfer (the baby is born in India). My wife has few days to rejoin her work in Kuwait, so if family visa procedures will be taken in India, then it will be difficult for her to join on time. Kindly advise, I know the documents to be prepared in archives of legal clinic. Thank you and expecting your early reply.

Name withheld

Answer: Your salary of KD 500 qualifies you to sponsor any member of your family on visit or family visa. With regard to your mother-inlaw we are afraid but you can only apply for a visit visa with a duration of one month and not three months. The three-month duration is only meant for wife and children. As for turning visit visa to family visa, this practice has long been discarded except for infants two years and below. This means that your baby who is below two years can have his visit visa converted to family visa.



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