3 Drone Flyers Arrested
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In less than 72 hours after the arrest of two Filipinos for flying a drone in a restricted area near Al-Zour, the security authorities have taken into custody three Kuwaitis and referred them to the State Security police after they were caught committing the same offense and taken to the Fahaheel Police Station for initial interrogations, reports Al-Anba daily.

The daily said the men were arrested for fl ying drones near the Burgan area. The source added that the plane that fl ew in the restricted area was monitored through a modern device which can track the unmanned aircraft.

After identifying the location from which the plane was launched, they were approached by a security squad and taken into custody. Legal action has been initiated against the men especially as there are instructions issued by the competent authorities in the Ministry of Interior not to use such aircraft.



03 Oct, 2019 286
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