2,837 Kuwaiti Engineers Have No Jobs

Secretary of the Society of Engineers, Fahd Al-Otaibi said in a press statement that it is unacceptable to see 2,837 male and female engineers who had registered with the Civil Service Commission (CSC) three years ago are still jobless, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

The unemployed engineers as of April 2, comprises 922 mechanical engineering, 764 who have completed industrial engineering, 462 electrical engineering, 240 chemical and 207 petroleum engineering; 115 civil engineering, 72 computer engineering, 42 communications and electronics engineering, and 13 environmental engineering.

Al-Otaibi has called on officials in the CSC, ministries and public and private institutions to cooperate, and open direct communication channels to attract these engineers. He pointed out the long waiting list to hire these engineers is ridiculous at a time when companies suffer from a lack of technical engineering manpower and this confirms there is a defect in communication mechanism between the ministries and the CSC.



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