23 Social Media Accounts Face Legal Action
Category: Coronavirus

Since coronavirus emerged in Kuwait, a total 23 accounts on social media have been taken to the Public Prosecution for posting misinformation and panicking people, said Minister of Information Mohammad Al-Jabri.

Earlier on Monday, the Minister of Information had sent the admins of 14 websites to the public prosecution for breaking e-media law.

Speaking to Kuwait TV tonight, Al-Jabri, who doubles as Minister of State for Youth Affairs, warned that his ministry would resolutely face these accounts for stirring public panic and tensions.

Meanwhile, the minister reassured that the Gulf country has enough food stock to meet public needs for several months to come, citing identical remarks by other ministers in this regard.

He added that all state agencies are on high alert for fighting the novel coronavirus, with the virus response team trying hard to put the situation under control.

Al-Jabri urged citizens and residents to stay indoors and follow health guidelines just to ensure the safety of everyone.



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