200K Additional Flu Vaccine Doses To Arrive By End Oct
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A new batch of seasonal influenza vaccine, the quantity of which is estimated at 120,000 doses, will arrive by next week, and another batch of 80,000 doses is expected a week later. This means that a total of 200,000 additional vaccine doses would have arrived in Kuwait by the end of October, which will bring the number of available doses of vaccine in Kuwait to 310,000, reports Aljarida daily. According to an informed source, the Ministry of Health will provide the fourth batch of 100,000 doses of seasonal vaccine in November.

The 110,000 doses that are being used to vaccinate citizens were delivered by the middle of this month. Citizens are currently receiving vaccination in 35 health centers across the health regions in the country. The source said the total number of doses of influenza vaccine that will be available by the end of November is 410,000, indicating that the number of doses available in the country for vaccination against pneumococcal pneumonia is enough to vaccinate everyone.

Last week, the Ministry of Health has announced that the winter vaccination campaign for the year 2020/2021 is limited to citizens at present, taking into consideration the current circumstances the country is going through due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, reports Al-Qabas daily.

In a press statement, the ministry affirmed that the preventive health centers designated to carry out seasonal vaccinations to be protected against the most common causes of viral respiratory diseases – influenza and bacterial (pneumococcal) – will serve only the citizens for now.



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