200 companies caught violating the afternoon work ban since June
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The Occupational Safety Center at the Public Authority for Manpower implemented a campaign to ensure the extent of commitment of employment and companies to stop work during the afternoon in the West Abdullah Al-Mubarak region, which is witnessing an urban expansion as it is one of the most recent areas distributed to citizens by the Public Authority for Housing Welfare.

The inspection team monitored violations in the construction of public buildings under the supervision of “Residential”, where the contractor responsible for implementing a government building in which more than 12 workers worked during the afternoon period was violated.

The project observer tried to evade the warning and emphasize adherence to the controls and not to employ manpower, but the inspectors of the site proved their work on the exposed surfaces and areas. Warning first In addition, the head of the Safety Follow-up Section and the head of the noon inspection team, Abdul Mohsen Al-Manis, stressed, on the sidelines of the tour, that the authority prohibits work from the beginning of June until the end of August from 11 am to 4 pm, during which time work is tiring and exhausting for them.

He pointed out that “the workers are afraid of the employer, and they think we are prepared to violate them, but we give them a warning the first time and we return after 24 hours, and if we find the same note, a violation will be recorded.” He indicated that the file will be suspended and the papers transferred to the court, so that the violation will be based on the number of workers and the violation will be at a value ranging between 100 and 200 Kuwaiti dinars for each worker, and a symbol will be placed on the file and in the event the employer does not cooperate, it will be stopped. He revealed that the number of violating companies since the beginning of June until today has reached about 200 companies with 350 registered workers in violation of them, which will incur amounts that are not easy.



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