20 People Get Into A Bloody Fight Over A Car Park Dispute In Sulaibiya
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A bloody quarrel erupted between neighbors in the Sulaibiya area over a car park, resulting in severe injuries to 20 people. The altercation involved the use of knives, pipes, and batons, causing chaos in the residential area.

According to a security source, security personnel and emergency medical personnel immediately responded to the scene of the brawl upon receiving a report. The injured individuals were immediately taken to the hospital for treatment.

The incident has since been registered as a case, and an investigation is underway to determine the root cause of the dispute. The authorities are taking the matter seriously and will take appropriate action against those responsible for the violence.

It is unfortunate that such disputes occur among neighbors, and it highlights the importance of maintaining peaceful relations and resolving conflicts in a peaceful manner. The incident serves as a reminder to all individuals to exercise caution and respect towards their neighbors to avoid similar incidents from occurring in the future.

The authorities also urge individuals to report any disputes or conflicts immediately to prevent them from escalating into violent situations. It is essential to maintain law and order in residential areas and to ensure the safety and security of all individuals

25 Mar, 2023 1164
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