20% Of Reward For COVID-19 Front-line Workers For MoH
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 According to reliable sources, the mechanism for determining the remuneration of COVID-19 front-line workers, which was divided into three categories, will include the high-risk category of workers in the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Interior, reports Al-Anba daily.

They explained that the decision issued by the Ministry of Health will include doctors and nurses because they were in direct contact with the COVID-19 patients. About 20 percent of the fund has been allocated to the Ministry of Health, and 10 percent for other ministries and agencies. The percentage is calculated from the total number of employees in a category, and not the total number of employees in any government agency.

The second and third categories are calculated according to what has been announced, and as approved by the Ministry of Interior. In response to a question to verify information that new cases of COVID-19 patients among the employees are no longer recorded, the sources replied, “Such information is baseless. Information about the new cases of infection among the employees while on duty are submitted to the Civil Service Commission (CSC) in order for them to be included among those who deserve reward”.

Regarding the deaths, the sources said, “The names of the deceased employees are referred to the General Secretariat of the Cabinet especially Kuwaitis, and decrees are issued to immortalize them as martyrs.”



24 Nov, 2020 0 1558
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