2 Young Men And A Girl Arrested With Drugs
Category: Crime News

Qortuba police station officers referred a girl and two young men to the General Directorate of Drug Control for possession of narcotic substances, the detainees are under investigation regarding the source from where they obtained narcotic substances and whether they were intended for abuse or for other reasons.

According to a security source, one of the patrols of the Qortuba police station, during its routine checks suspected a vehicle containing two young men sitting in the front seat and a girl sitting in the back seat. As soon as the three people saw the security patrol they were confused.
The security men asked the car driver to stop, delaying the orders and pretending that he was not aware, he stopped and it was found that everyone inside the vehicle was in an abnormal condition, and accordingly the women police were called and searched the three detainees, in their possession  2 rolls of hashish,  9 white pills and 2 paper rolls were found.




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29 Sep, 2020 1076
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