2 Ukrainians Acquitted Of Murder
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The Misdemeanor Section in the Court of Cassation acquitted a citizen of usury. Case files indicate a female compatriot filed a lawsuit against the accused. She said she was facing financial troubles when she saw an advertisement about someone who offers loans. She called the number and told the accused that she needed KD 1,000. He asked her to submit her salary certificate and a copy of her civil ID which she did. He also asked her to sign a blank acknowledgement and then handed over KD 1,000 to her. She added the man told her that she must pay the loan within two months but she will pay KD 2,000 instead of KD 1,000 or 100 percent interest in two months. Attorney Ali Al-Wawan, who represented the man in court, argued that the appealed decision violated the right enforcement of the law as it did not take into consideration the documents attached to the case file.

Two acquitted: The Court of Cassation acquitted two Ukrainians of murdering their friend after engaging in a dispute over the management of an alcohol peddling network in Kuwait. One of the defendants testified in court and admitted his intention to get rid of two of his partners in order to take over the production and sale of genuine vodka in Kuwait, and the plan was to kill one of the two partners and then accuse the other of perpetrating the crime after he abandons the body in a car at Mangaf area. The testimony also indicated the Ukrainians were invited to Kuwait for the purpose of killing one of the two partners by poisoning his food, and once it’s done, the duo was to take over the business expected to generate a monthly income of KD 400,000 to KD 450,000.



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