2 Egyptians Arrested In Cairo After Killing Compatriot In Kuwait
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Two Egyptians were arrested at Cairo International Airport for allegedly killing a compatriot in Jaber Al- Ahmad. The arrest was made possible through close coordination between the Interpol affiliated to the Criminal Investigations Department and its counterpart in Egypt.

In a press statement, the Public Relations and Security Media Department in the Interior Ministry disclosed the suspected killers were identified as Yasser Arafat Muhammad born in 1984 and Muhammad Arafat Muhammad born in 1991 while the victim was Deia Jamal born in 1989. It has been reported that security forces found the body of the victim in a vacant yard in Jaber Al-Ahmad.

The officers noticed cleaver marks in the head and other parts of the victim’s body, thereby, raising suspicion of murder.

Information gathered so far revealed the families of the suspected killers and that of the victim had earlier disputes as the cousin of the victim killed one of the relatives of the suspects who purportedly received instructions from their family to kill the victim as revenge.

The suspects took the victim to the vacant lot and killed him there. After committing the crime, the suspects went directly to Kuwait International Airport and travelled to Egypt but they were arrested at Cairo International Airport. The suspects were referred to the concerned security department for legal action.



04 Jul, 2016 1072
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