2 Citizens Arrested For The Possession Of Spice
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Policemen from Jahra Governorate Security Command arrested two citizens (brothers) for the possession of ‘spice’ (synthetic cannabinoids). While patrolling the area, police spotted the parked vehicle of the brothers and when they approached the vehicle to investigate, they found the two were asleep.

Later, police found out that the brothers were intoxicated, prompting them to conduct precautionary search which led to the discovery of narcotics. The brothers were referred to the concerned security unit. And, police are looking for an Egyptian man and two other people, for swindling a Kuwaiti working for the Ministry of Interior, reports Al-Anba daily. According to the complaint filed by the Kuwaiti with the Khaitan Police Station, the Egyptian convinced him to join his business venture and promised quick profits after receiving KD 22,000 switching off his cellphone.



28 Dec, 2017 709
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